4 Aug 2017

To make sense of your new team traits, turn to Tuckman

Sometimes the oldies are the goodies and Tuckman's Team Development Model is up there with the best. Born out of the 1960's, the model has barely changed suggesting it still resonates despite changing business models, environments and technological disruption. But read with caution as although the model explains behaviour traits, culture and context will also effect how well a team performs. So why has this model stood the test of time? Tuckman, an educational psychologist identified 4

19 Jul 2016

Are you a network node? 3 ways to increase your social capital at work

I recently discovered that I am a 'network node'. I've always known this, of course, but never knew it was a 'thing'. I am not alone in my node'ing (Latin nodus, 'knot') and there's a lot of us about. The importance of nodes and node'ish behaviour (I made that term up!) is becoming more relevant as our networks become increasingly distributed and diverse. With this in mind, I thought it might be helpful to share

3 Oct 2015

A new much needed role in the C-suite: Chief Change Management Officer

   The idea of a Chief Change Management Officer has recently caught my interest. Stephen Orbans piece in Medium is spot on and I've included an extract below "I’d argue that today’s IT executive needs to play the role of the Chief Change Management Officer (CCMO™). Technology can no longer be viewed as something that simply supports the business. Today’s IT executive is optimally positioned to understand this and subsequently drive the changes required to keep up

2 Oct 2015

Ultimately, success in the digital age lies not in the efficiency of technology, but in the dexterity and adaptability of the people who wield it.

   When we try to define what a “digital organization” is, what first comes to mind are technological devices: employees toting laptops, permanently connected to a shared, real-time flow of information on virtual platforms, constantly communicating with customers or suppliers – people working from anywhere, with others they have never met in person. But digitization is more than just a change of tools. Daily practices, workplace structures, reporting relationships, information sharing, customer interaction, and even

24 Sep 2015

Purpose, Process, People, Product, and Platform

The Operating Model That Is Eating The World Today’s fastest growing, most profoundly impactful companies are using a completely different operating model Tesla, the fastest-growing stock in the automotive industry, is run by a software engineer. Amazon has a market cap three times bigger than Target, even though it operates at a loss. Instagram, a company with only thirteen employees at the time, was acquired for a billion dollars just three months after Kodak filed