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About - A senior change professional and cross platform advocate. Head of Strategic Programme Office at News UK. More information on LinkedIn.


23 Dec 2015

How many meetings do you hold?

I recently read the article below and two questions popped into my head, do I hold too many 'meetings' and what constitutes a 'meeting' in the first place. The article suggests that an organisations culture can be identified by asking just a few key questions (listed in the article below) and then alludes to a third, the amount of meetings, as a parting shot. And so I have reflected, whilst in between meetings, on whether they're

1 Oct 2015

4 Tips for Launching Minimum Viable Products Inside Big Companies

“We have to disrupt ourselves before the market does.” It’s not an uncommon mandate today. Established enterprises need to innovate to keep pace with the more nimble, smaller startups. Perhaps no approach has captured the imagination of big companies yearning to get more nimble than the lean startup method: quickly building and launching minimum viable products — MVPs — and then iterating and pivoting based on market feedback. Take the example of Beth, Director of

7 Oct 2013

Ditch the Performance Review, ok but then what?

The need to develop people faster. By removing ratings, early indications of our research are that companies appear to be developing people faster across the board. It’s happening because of more frequent dialogues, which also tend to be more honest and open when neither party has to worry about justifying a rating at the end of the year.

19 Jul 2016

Are you a network node? 3 ways to increase your social capital at work

I recently discovered that I am a 'network node'. I've always known this, of course, but never knew it was a 'thing'. I am not alone in my node'ing (Latin nodus, 'knot') and there's a lot of us about. The importance of nodes and node'ish behaviour (I made that term up!) is becoming more relevant as our networks become increasingly distributed and diverse. With this in mind, I thought it might be helpful to share



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